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The wiki about UTAU, UTAUloids and creating synthesized singing that anyone can edit, I created this because I thought the original UTAU wiki was very cluttered and the wiki 2.0 was a little awkward in my opinion.

Currently with 4 articles and growing!

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Notice: Released UTAUloid pages that are left unattended over a year WILL BE DELETED FROM THE WIKI.
WIP UTAUloid pages that do not see updates over a year WILL BE DELETED FROM THE WIKI.
You can prevent the deletion from happening by keeping your UTAUloid alive; make regular voicebank/homepage/song updates. Please take care of your creation with love.

You can request an undeletion of such a page only within the first few days, after which the Wikia system will permanently delete it.

Attention: All warnings in behalf of the UTAU Evolution Wikia shall be carried out exclusively by admins stated above and no one else.
All blacklisting procedures are subject to confirmation and interrogation.
Please report to us any such encounters with impersonators claiming to represent the UTAU Evolution Wiki. Record and take note of any information regarding impersonators.

UTAU Operation Tutorial
Tutorial for creating vocals using UTAU.
Creating your own UTAUloid.
Advanced and expert UTAU usage topics.


Any productive help is welcome!
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